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Cluck Paper Something to Crow About

Paris Summer and Spring 1121

Jarrod Cluck

Jarrod Cluck, a Senior Studio Art Major, has been chosen as one of thirteen students from across the state of Arkansas to speak at the 25th Annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, to be held March 6, 2015 at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. He will present his paper, Hiram Powers, Prosperine, and Truth, which explores the marble bust of Prosperine by American sculptor Hiram Powers (1805 – 1873) in the collection of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Jarrod’s work on Powers and his philosophical conceptualizations of beauty and truth was first done in the UAFS upper-level art history class, ART 3523, History of American Art. Continue reading…

Let’s Meet at the End of the Tour

A few weeks ago the art and design faculty at UAFS got to tour through the up and coming Visual Arts Building. It was fantastic to see this space, knowing that in a few short months we will all be together teaching art and design in this wonderful facility. If you are able, take a drive by the building on the corner of Waldron and Kinkaid. It has changed quite a bit, even since this video was taken.

You will notice that the video runs about 3 times as fast as it was shot. This compresses the tour to around 12 minutes. We’ve labeled the rooms as best we could to give a sense of what will be where, but we realize it is a bit confusing without any sheetrock in place.

Get Moving

The students in the Motion Design class at UAFS have just completed their second project. The challenge was to take an existing brand and create an engaging animation that fit into the current brand space of the company. They are definitely making good progress in the class.

Taking It Slow

Crystal Bridges

Sophie Vincent with Mary Cassatt’s Summertime (1894)

Art History students enrolled in American Art purposely decelerated on Saturday, September 13th during a visit to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. For 75-90 minutes, students stood (and sat) in front of a single work of art that will be the focus of their research papers this semester. Yes! That’s over an hour in front of one painting! “Part of the method in the madness is to fully experience a work of art in the original—the quality of the paint, the discovery of tiny elements that disappear in a reproduction, the tangibility of a painting’s surface,” commented Dr. Mary B. Shepard, who teaches American Art. “The other part of the process is to detach from electronic media and time pressures and to learn to really look at a work of art—and in the process, begin to see. It’s called ‘Slow-Looking.’” Continue reading…