ENGL 3093: Cultural Studies

Dr. Lindsy Lawrence | TR | 11:00-12:15


An introduction to the analysis of literature and culture within diverse cultural frameworks. Areas of study include class, gender studies, race theory, postcolonial studies, disability studies, and transmedia studies. This section uses a blend of contemporary literary texts and television shows such as Doctor Who, Master of None, and other contemporary television as possible texts for analysis. Prereq. for upper-level ENGL courses.

Degree plan: Required for English BA and English BS and Spanish BA

Delivery: in-class with web enhancement


ENGL 3003 History and Development of the English Language

Dr. Erik Carlson | MW 2:00-3:15


Traces the development of the English language from its Indo-European roots to the present day, emphasizing the historical development of the language in its written forms.

Degree plan: Required for English BA and English BS; option for Rhetoric BA; option for TESL

Delivery: In-class with web enhancement


ENGL 3023 Seminar in British Literature II

Dr. Lindsy Lawrence | MW | 4:00-5:15


Study of British literature since 1789, with a look at the key periods--Romantics, Victorian, Modern, and Contemporary--as well as major authors and genres. Focuses on the social and cultural changes, including changes in class, race, and gender, that shape Britain and its literature. Students will express their understanding of key concepts through various writing assignments, including an an 8-10 page paper, and a midterm and final exam.

Degree plan: Required for English BA and English BS

Delivery: In-class with web enhancement


ENGL 3043 Seminar in American Literature II

Dr. Laura Witherington | Hybrid; in class MW | 1:00-1:50


Study of American literature from the middle of the nineteenth century to present with attention to literary and critical trends, research methods, and pedagogy.

Degree plan: Required for English BA and English BS


Delivery: Hybrid

RHET 3203: Textual Research Methods

Dr. Ann-Gee Lee | TR 9:30-10:45 OR Dr. Kimberly Robinson | Full Online


Focuses on textual research, including a review of methods for finding, organizing, evaluating, and synthesizing primary and secondary materials. This course is intended for students in the liberal arts, humanities, and communications.

Degree plan: Required for English BA, English BS, and Rhetoric BA

Delivery: In-class with web enhancement or Full Online


ENGL 3663 English Grammar

Dr. Kelly Jennings | TR | 12:30-1:45


A modern approach to English grammar. Learn true story of how and why the English language works, from sentence structure to dangling participles to just what a split infinitive is and whether anyone should care.

Degree plan: Required for English BA and English BS; option for TESL

Delivery: In-class with web enhancement


ENGL 4203 Chaucer

Dr. Erik Carlson | MWF | 9:00-9:50


A reading-intensive course meant to introduce the student to the major works of Chaucer, as well as to a selection of critical theory and studies of the works. Readings of Chaucer will be from the Middle English text, and students will be required to become fluent in the language.

Degree plan: Required for English  BA | cultural studies choice for English BS or upper level elective

Delivery: In-class with web enhancement


ENGL 4213 Shakespeare

Dr. Dennis Siler | MWF | 11:00-11:50


A critical study of Shakespeare’s major works, including selected comedies, tragedies, and histories. Shakespeare is a versatile source author, since his works are textually complex and widely read, offering opportunities for exploration into poetic and dramatic aspects of the works from many critical and historical perspectives.

Degree plan: Required for English BA and English BS |

Delivery: In-class with web enhancement


ENGL 4993 Capstone

Dr. Cammie Sublette | Hybrid, in-class Thursday | 9:30-10:45


Students will synthesize, integrate, and/or apply their previous knowledge and skills in the creation of a 20 page paper project. The emphasis of the capstone is to demonstrate mastery rather than acquire new knowledge/skills.

Degree plan: Required for English BA and English BS | Delivery: Hybrid



ENGL 3223 Short Story

Dr. Kevin Jones | MWF | 2:00-2:50


An intense study of the short story, focusing on period, thematic, or national contrasts or convergences. Topics will vary each semester.

            Degree plan: Period and Genre Option for English BA and English BS |

Delivery: In-class with web enhancement


ENGL 3443: Literature of Diverse Cultures: Major Works

Dr. Carol Westcamp | Hybrid, in-class Tuesday | 2:00-3:15


This course emphasizes literature outside the traditional Western canon by focusing on literature about sociocultural experiences of traditionally underrepresented groups. This particular course focuses on a critical examination of major works of literature by non-American authors, such as the novels The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, as well as short stories by such writers as Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The course will attempt to introduce students to a variety cultures via different authors and genres.

Degree plan: Required for English BS | cultural studies choice for English BA |

Delivery: Hybrid


ENGL 4903: Special Topics in Literature: Children’s Literature Illustrated

Dr. Kimberly Robinson | Hybrid, in-class Tuesday | 9:30-10:45


Study of folklore, poetry, fantasy, and realism through an examination of race, class, gender, and print technology. Focuses on literature written for and about children from Aesop continuing into the eighteenth century development of materials for teaching children to read to Rackham’s illustrations for the Brothers Grimm to the present. Authors will also include Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll, Louisa May Alcott, Anna Sewell, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, Jack London, Lucy Maud Montgomery, James Matthew Barry, Eric Knight, and Robert A. Heinlein. Illustrators will include John Tenniel, Alphonse-Marie-Adophe de Neuville, Charles Robinson, William Wallace Denslow, Arthur Rackham, Marguerite Kirmse, Garth Williams, and Michael Foreman. Blackboard will be used to provide access to provocative print and stunning visual texts.

            Degree plan: Cultural Studies option for English BA and English BS | Delivery: Hybrid


RHET 4953: Writing Internship

Dr. Lindsy Lawrence | Full online | restricted


Student is placed in a working environment that requires the use of advanced skills in reading, research, and writing. They will be exposed to comprehensive professional experience such as extended job shadowing, and other systematic, planned work experiences. Student will work under the supervision of an individual at the internship agency and a member of the English faculty. The student must secure permission from both supervisors before registration.


Students will work under the instruction of a member of the English, Rhetoric, and Writing Department and an individual supervising the internship. They will fill out the necessary internship paperwork from Career Services. Students will be asked to complete two written reflections; craft a presentation; and complete two elements of a work portfolio. Student must complete an application and meet the minimum requirements: English BA, English BS, Rhetoric BA, or English, Creative Writing, or Rhetoric minor; 60 hours in program; and 2.75 GPA.

Degree plan: Cultural Studies option for English BA and English BS, elective for Rhetoric BA, and option for minors in both programs

Delivery: Full online for the course | in person for the internship




ENGL 3303 Writing and the Teaching of Writing

Dr. Laura Witherington | Hybrid, in-class Monday and Wednesday | 10:00-10:50


Practical application of current pedagogical approaches to teaching writing, grammar, and language awareness, using knowledge of theory, research, technology, and practice in composing individual and collaborative texts. Conventional and unconventional approaches to language acquisition, including current trends, issues, and research in teaching language awareness to native and second-language English learners.

Degree plan: Required for English BS | Delivery: Hybrid