We Love Our Students & You Will Too

The headline pretty much says it all. The Art Department faculty at UAFS are intensely passionate about what we do and what we teach, and are equally concerned with the progress and success of our students. There are no free rides and the level of expectation is set very high from day one, but that’s the frame of mind needed to push, pull, and grow quality students into successful artists and designers. Employers seek our graduates because they know that UAFS art and design students are getting a quality education and are ready to get the job done from the very start.

Connect with our graduates.

Freshly Released

Kristina Davis
Danielle Kling
Kristin Phatthong
Jarrod Ramsey 
Sophie Vincent
Trent Welbern
Sarandy Westfall 
Dennis Wemyss

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Our graduates are ready. If you'd like to see them in action, simply follow this link. We've put together a list of online portfolios created by our current seniors and alumni. Feel free to hire at will.

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