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Major and minor programs are available in Psychology. The major leads to a Bachelor of Arts.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.A. in Psychology, students will:

PLO Goal 1: Ethics: Identify, discuss, and debate ethical dilemmas and affected parties; critically evaluate ethical issues and assess applicable values.


PLO Goal 2: Analytical: Statistics-Quantitative: Demonstrate analytical reasoning of quantitative statistical measures. Students will demonstrate the ability to justify and apply appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical models for analyzing behavioral data and to draw reasonable conclusions from those data.


PLO Goal 3: Knowledge-Analytical: Critique classic and modern psychological theories; assess with justification their applicability in everyday living to reach viable solutions to a problem. Along these lines of thought, students will draw a self-assessment about the relevance of psychological theories in their own lives.


PLO Goal 4: Analytical: Methodology-Quantitative: Demonstrate analytical reasoning in scientific methodology. Critically evaluate empirical behavioral research literature; differentiate good science from that with methodological dilemmas; formulate simple hypotheses; design, implement, appropriately analyze, report, and defend a basic original empirical research project in a public setting.


ULO/PLO: Global-Cultural Awareness: Demonstrate an understanding of and an appreciation for global and cultural diversity; differentiate between global and cultural awareness; and show the relevance of behavioral science in global and cultural events.


Knowledge Breadth of Psychology (assessed across all required PSYC courses): Demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology via various forms of communication such as verbal and written assignments, poster and paper research presentations, and other summative examinations.