Read This!

The Read This! Community Literacy Program has chosen N. Scott Momaday's novel HOUSE MADE OF DAWN for the 2015-2016 community read.

Literary scholar Larry N. Landrum observes in his article "The Shattered Modernism of Momaday's House Made of Dawn" that "over the past twenty-five years, scholars and teachers have celebrated the art and investigated the cultural sources of N. Scott Momaday's House Made of Dawn."  He goes on to note that this novel "has been an inspiration to and a monumental influence on the resurgence of American Indian writing and has served both as an example of the diversity of contemporary American literature and as American Indian art."  With Momaday's novel as the focus of this year's Read This! Literacy Program, UAFS students, faculty and the greater community have an exciting exploration ahead, one with the region's Native American literature and culture as its motivating spirit.


In previous years, ReadThis! has brought to UAFS Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club; Tim O’Brien, a National Book Award Winner and author of The Things they Carried; Temple Grandin, animal expert and autism activist, and Holocaust survivor Eva Kor for speaking engagements at UAFS.

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Previous Read This! Selections:

  • The Joy Luck Club, 2014-15
  • The Things They Carried, 2013-14  


Read This! is a program of campus and community literacy created in the College of Languages and Communication at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith.  The purpose of the program is to support national trends in higher education in which students and their communities experience a shared text as a basis for cross-disciplinary communication and conversation. At UA Fort Smith, Read This! will be implemented primarily through the second course in the English Composition sequence, although faculty teaching other courses are encouraged to participate as appropriate.  The project will culminate at the end of each spring semester with various events surrounding the selected text including film studies (as appropriate), lectures, bringing recognized writers and scholars to campus, and hosting diverse celebratory venues connected to the culture of reading and intellectual inquiry.  It is also a goal for Read This! to extend the reach of the university into the community and partner with local schools, civic institutions, and community members to further the mission of sustaining critical reading and inquiry in the Arkansas River Valley.